1 Jun 2021

We’re celebrating this year’s National Volunteers Week by sharing our exciting vision for volunteering at the zoo!

Volunteers week is a time to recognise the contribution of volunteers and say thank you. As well as sharing our plan, we will be hosting an INSPIRING week of celebrations, FUN and AWESOME learning & development opportunities!

Our volunteers are passionate people who advocate for wildlife and conservation through volunteering. They provide thousands of volunteering hours every year and a wealth of experience and knowledge. Volunteers connect people with nature and Chester Zoo, empowering them to make a positive difference to wildlife through living more sustainably or creating habitats for native wildlife.

Our new plan shares our vision for volunteering and how we will work towards one of the key targets in the Conservation Masterplan, which aims to empower 10 million people to live more sustainably before our 100th birthday in 2031. 

Our vision is to create a thriving and inclusive volunteer community that contributes to our mission of  Preventing Extinction.
By 2024 we aim to...
Enhance and broaden the volunteering opportunities we have available
Increase the ability of volunteers to empower people to live more sustainably and increase visitor satisfaction
Attract and engage potential volunteers that represent the diversity of our community
Foster an ethos of collaborative development for volunteering at Chester Zoo
Establish a reputation for excellence in volunteering by providing an outstanding experience and sharing good practice
Empower volunteers to become powerful advocates for conservation by living more sustainably and using their voice to amplify conservation campaigns
In line with our values, we are committed to providing an outstanding volunteer experience. Our volunteering plan guides our work to ensure our volunteer programme activities help us achieve our mission and charitable objectives.

Download our plan

NOW is the time to ACT FOR WILDLIFE. Conservation is CRITICAL; species are under threat. TOGETHER we can make a BIG difference. Take action TODAY and join us in PREVENTING EXTINCTION.


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