26 Sep 2011

We’ve entered Quantum Leap in the NatWest CommunityForce programme and have a chance to be awarded £6,000 – but only if we have enough votes.

It won’t cost you a penny to vote, but could make a £6,000 difference to children in our local area.

How To Vote

1. Click here to register on the CommunityForce website

2. Search for the Chester Zoo page and vote!

Up to 16,000 school visitors come to the zoo under the programme every year. We are now hoping, through NatWest’s CommunityForce project, to be able to fund transport for some of those who visit under Quantum Leap in 2012.

We’ve staked our claim for a £6,000 CommunityForce grant – but we need to achieve a high level of votes before the cash can be allocated.

Melanie Cowieson, the our Development Manager, said: “Chester Zoo is a fabulous educational resource and helps students of all ages engage with the world around them.

“For some schools, however, the cost is prohibitive. Through CommunityForce, we have the potential to connect with children and make a difference to their education.

“To vote for us takes just the click of a button but that one click has the potential to make a huge difference to many school children and we’d appeal to people to start voting.”