4 Apr 2023

Discover our revolutionary new app, Wild Wander; where Pokémon Go meets rambling!

Wild Wander, our exciting new app has been designed to connect people with nature through the digital world and encourage them to explore and protect the great outdoors. The app will allow users to explore four trails in the zoo’s Nature Recovery Corridor like never before: thriving with beautifully animated local species in augmented reality.

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Like Pokémon GO, Wild Wander has been gamified to make exploring nature even more fun.

You can collect “gems” and a whole host of UK species as you follow along the trails, adding an element of competition to the experience, while you work to build your own ‘wildlife haven’: a miniature ecosystem that will be teaming with native species once complete! Along the trails, you can also discover an array of mindful activities to help destress and provide opportunities to focus on the nature around you.

Perhaps most excitingly, users can create incredible augmented reality ‘wonderzones’ that are thriving with virtual wildlife and discover amazing species through virtual scavenger hunts.


Wild Wander is user-friendly and suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, from seasoned hikers to indoor gamers, in the hope that it will encourage everyone to learn more about, and get outside and enjoy, our natural world.




The Wild Wander trails are situated in the heart of the zoo’s Nature Recovery Corridor, which is an important initiative, funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund, that’s helping to build, enhance, and manage habitats in an area that’s over half the size of Edinburgh (60 square miles) to help both wildlife and people thrive in Chester.

Take a look at the Wild Wander App in action:


We’re incredibly excited to launch Wild Wander, which is an innovative way for people to explore the natural beauty that surrounds us here at Chester Zoo. Our Nature Recovery Corridor is a vital part of our mission to conserve endangered species and their habitats, and we hope that this app will encourage more people to connect with nature and learn about the important work we’re doing.

Lauren Walker, Digital Learning Manager

With the UK being one of the most nature depleted countries in the world, and amidst the current global biodiversity and climate crises, connecting people with nature and inspiring people to act to protect our natural world has never been more important.

So why not download the app from the App Store or Google Play store today and take a walk on the wild side – you never know what hidden wild gems you might discover!

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