31 Oct 2014

Our Zoo Rangers are normally out and about in the Chester Zoo giving talks at different animal enclosures, telling you all about our conservation work and answering all your questions.

In support of Go Orange the team have spent October with our orangutans in the Realm of the Red Ape providing more information to our visitors about our orangutans and the effects palm oil has on orangutans in the wild.

Here Sarah Bazley tells us a little more about what the team have been up to…

“We have had some amazing experiences! One moment that sticks out especially is when Emma, Subis and their babies came and sat right next to us at the windows! It is such a privilege to be so close, but also can be quite sad when you think they are critically endangered in the wild.

“Over the past month the question we’ve been asked the most is: ‘what can I do to help the orangutans?’ (apart for signing up for Go Orange…!)

zoo presenters in RORAChester Zoo Ranger in the Realm of the Red Ape

“You have probably heard of palm oil by now – it’s an oil that is used in most of the products we use every day (you can find out even more here). It’s in all different kinds of food from chocolate to pizza, and in cosmetics, cleaning products, shampoos and conditioners. The forest where the orangutans live are being cleared to grow this palm oil, which is bad news for orangutans, however it does mean that we as consumers can make a big difference.

Zoo rangers in RORAZoo Rangers Go Orange

“So, if you want to help save the orangutan one of the easiest things you can do is to pay a little more attention when you are shopping, and look out for products with the RSPO logo.


“This logo means that any palm oil contained in the product has come from a sustainable source – you could say it is ‘orangutan friendly’.”

October may be practically over but the fight to protect orangutans in the wild will continue. So it’s not too late to show your support for Go Orange. Find out more here.