4 May 2012

The team of 20 is running the BUPA Great Manchester Run later this month in support of our Southeast Asia campaign, which is aiming to highlight the plight of endangered species in the region.

Southeast Asia is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and is home to iconic animals like Sumatran Tigers, Asian Elephants, Bornean and Sumatran Orangutans and the Sumatran Rhino.

However these species are all under severe threat from hunting, deforestation and illegal trading. Without awareness and funding to tackle the problems facing them, they could soon become extinct.

Cat Barton, Assistant Conservation Officer, said:

“The biodiversity of southeast Asia is at risk. Many species are on the brink of extinction and urgent action is desperately needed to save them.

“That’s why we’ve all decided to take on this exciting challenge – to raise awareness and funds for these amazing animals.”

Animal Athletes: Some of the zoo staff running in the Manchester 10km to raise funds for critically endangered species.

Scott Wilson, Conservation Officer, added:

“I do a lot of running but it’s not often that I do so while dressed as a rhino! But I certainly won’t be alone. There will also be a few tigers, orangutans, gibbons and turtles amongst us, so keep an eye out for some animals charging around the streets of Manchester this month.”

To support our ‘Animal Athletes’ please visit our sponsorship page on the Everyday Hero website.

We would like to thank Save the Rhino International for the kind donation of two rhino suits.