IUCN Red List status:

Critically Endangered

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Animal vulnerability index Animal vulnerability index

This brightly coloured songbird is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful, but also most endangered and their numbers are rapidly decreasing. The Javan green magpie has a stunning and distinctive apple green plumage, but is born with blue plumage.

The blue plumage will turn green after their first moulting due to a pigment called lutein in their diet. Studies have proved that the vibrant, green feathers of the Javan magpie are important for attracting a mate for successful breeding.

Javan Green Magpies are endangered because of the illegal wildlife trade. Their unique song and striking plumage makes them a highly sought-after species in the songbird trade, and illegal trapping has caused wild population numbers to plummet.

There are fewer than 50 Javan green magpies remaining in the wild

Sing for Songbirds

We’re working on putting an end to this through our Sing for Songbirds campaign which helps support our partners at the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre, which Chester Zoo supports both financially and technically in Java. Help us to prevent the extinction of the Javan magpie

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