Richard Hewitt

Nursery Team Manager

  • Qualifications NCH
  • Focus area
    Places Populations
  • Location
    At the Zoo Madagascar and the Mascarenes UK & Europe


I found a passion for growing hardy plants early in my career, and developed skills in putting roots on a wide range of plants.

I have worked in commercial horticulture where I worked as a Nurseryman and as an Assistant Propagation Manager. I joined Chester Zoo in 2002 as a Lead Horticulturist and became Nursery Team Manager in 2015.

In my role I manage and maintain  5 Plant Heritage Collections of Nepenthes pitcher plants, Pleurothallidinae orchids and cacti (Copiapoa, Matucana and Turbinicarpus).

I also look after the propagation and growing of plants for our native species projects including black poplar, wild cotoneaster, grass – wrack pondweed, floating – water plantain and Llangollen whitebeam. Working with partners in Cheshire and North Wales I have been able to carry out in situ conservation of some of these species, helping to prevent their extinction in the future.


Bird, S. A., Esseen, P. J. & Hewitt, R. (2017): Reintroductions of native plant species to the United Kingdom. International Zoo Yearbook 51: 32–49.

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