Wildlife Connections is a project led by Chester Zoo to create safe spaces for our most precious local wildlife.

By creating connections from one wildlife-friendly space to the next we can all do our bit to protect wildlife.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved, such as making small wildlife friendly changes to your garden or local green space, recording the wildlife you see, becoming a Wildlife Champion and teaching others how to take action for wildlife.

Nature Recovery Corridor

We’re working with landowners, schools, community & youth groups, families & local communities to develop a 10-mile Nature Recovery Corridor here in Cheshire.

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Join us in our STUNNING nature reserve for our FREE 2021 annual Wildlife Connections Festival!


Get involved

Action for UK wildlife

We have created ‘how to guides’ to inspire and help you to make your green
space better for wildlife.

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Connect with Nature

Explore what wildlife lives in your greenspace. We have created lots of fun
activities for you to learn about wildlife on your doorstep.


Hedgehog Watch

Would you like to get involved in a NEW and EXCITING Citizen Science project all about
our LOCAL garden wildlife?

We’re looking for volunteers to participate in Chester Zoo’s Hedgehog Watch!

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Wildlife Champions

We deliver training and support for community leaders that have a green space to improve and a group to engage in the process. We have worked with teachers, youth leaders, Friends of Groups and care home staff.

Recording Wildlife

Not only is it important to connect one wildlife friendly space to another, it’s also important to spend time observing the wildlife we see around us and record it.  Conservationists can then keep an eye on any changes and take action if species are declining.

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School Curriculum Pack

To help you to inspire your students to care about the natural world and take action we have created a range of learning resources and support for educators, including our Conservation Curriculum Toolkit.

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Wildlife Connections project in your school

Our project packages are linked to one of our conservation campaigns and aim to empower learners to act for wildlife. We’ll provide you with everything you need to bring conservation to life across the curriculum.

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GO WILD at school

A 5 week learning journey to look after wildlife & ourselves. This curriculum linked programme is designed for KS2 and KS3 and provides all the resources you need to deliver the sessions with your students.

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Our Wildlife Connections song, written by Ashley Fayth, is a great way to introduce your class to our campaign about helping to save local UK species! 

With a gentle folk-like melody and lyrics which highlight species that are declining, the song is an accessible way for all ages to learn about making wildlife connections.

Wildlife Connections Family Club

Our Wildlife Connections Family Clubs are a great way to connect with nature together, take action for wildlife and learn together as a family.

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Wildlife Connections After School Club

Our after-school clubs are a great way for learners to explore conservation and develop new skills and interests through activities with our Chester Zoo experts.

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Chester Zoo’s Nature Reserve

Our Nature Reserve is a wonderful wildlife haven supporting over 320 species of plant, animal and fungi. It’s a fantastic place to walk, connect to nature and immerse yourself in local wildlife.

Wildlife Connections Trail

Discover wildlife and the local green spaces along the NEW Wildlife Connections Trail. A green route connecting Our Nature Reserve to Chester City Centre.

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Take a look at the latest news and information from our Wildlife Connections project.

Discover more about the vital conservation work we’re doing right here in the UK to prevent the extinction of some of our precious wildlife.

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Not only is it important to connect one wildlife friendly space to another, it’s also important to spend time observing the wildlife we see around us and record it.  Conservationists can then keep an eye on any any worrying changes and take the necessary action to prevent the extinction of certain species!

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What else can I do to help? 

By becoming a member with Chester Zoo, you are helping us to carry on our conservation work to protect our planet’s wildlife. Our dedicated conservation team works tirelessly to PROTECT all our planet’s wonderful species, but we can’t do it alone. When you take out a membership with Chester Zoo, it allows us to carry on our conservation work here at the zoo, as well as all around the world! There are countless benefits to becoming a member with Chester Zoo – not only for our members, but for the animals too.

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