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After seeing the news, I desperately wanted to help, being a member, previously a worker during my school years, and being our favourite place to visit. I put a Facebook Post on my business page which pledged to give 50% of profits of the sales of my handmade silver elephant charm bracelets. To my utter disbelief the post reached nearly 2 million people globally within 48hrs. I had 1000’s of messages off people wanting the “Famous Elephant Bracelet”. It took 3 months of 8 hours a day, in which I was working until the early hours every day. I had a 1yr old toddler to look after too. Every single bracelet was handmade by my one pair of hands, but there was so much more that went into getting the bracelets out. I managed to raise an amazing £2,150, and the final bracelets went out at the start of September after starting in June! My customers still praise my efforts to this day and I’m so happy I could be a part in helping and when I visit I will feel so proud I helped keep the zoo open.