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09 12/09/2018

There's always something new at Chester Zoo...

...come and see for yourself!

There’s always something new at Chester Zoo. From our brand NEW Treetop Challenge obstacle course to our latest arrivals! Come and see for yourself...

This October half term we're putting the focus on all of the amazing new arrivals to the zoo - from the cute, to the cuddly and the cheeky! We've also recently opened a new rope obstacle course - the Treetop Challenge.  Below are just some of the beautiful additions to Chester Zoo! On your next visit to the zoo make sure you visit our new arrivals, follow our baby trail, and see the different personalities and unique behaviours of each.


Jumaane, eastern black rhino
Jumaane, our latest Eastern black rhino arrival shocked our visitors when he was born in front of them! 
Kesuma Sumatran orangutan
Kesuma is growing up quickly! She is one of the world's most endangered great apes; Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered.
red river hog triplets
This trio of adorable red river hoglets, known as the world's most colourful pig species, have now lost their stripes after being born back in May!

Male calf, Semuliki, arrived back in May to first-time mum, K'tusha.  Did you know, the okapi is the closest and only living relative to the giraffe?  Its camouflage, acute sense of hearing and secretive nature contributed to it being unknown to science until 1901!  

okapi calf
Male calf, Semuliki, arrived back in May to first-time mum, K'tusha

Have you spotted the valuable new addition to our Western chimpanzee group yet?  Stevie can be spotted being carried by mum, ZeeZee. Her arrival has brought an exciting new dynamic to the group and their interactions are fascinating to watch.

West African chimpanzee baby
Meet Stevie, the first Western chimpanzee to be born in nearly a decade at Chester Zoo.

Since his arrival on 3 May, Akeno - a rare greater one horned rhino, has been extremely popular with our visitors.  Zoo conservationists hailed the birth of the "precious, bolshie newcomer" as a big boost to the conservation breeding programme! 

Akeno greater one horned rhino
Akeno is growing up quickly and is often seen galloping around his habitat.

Come and see the first sun bear cub to ever be born in the UK! Here you can see it emerging from it's den for the first time. 

sun bear cub
The UK's first sun bear cub emerges from it's den with mum, Mili.

Apart from being adorable, it's great to see these babies grow up over time, and as they develop they display different behaviours making each visit to the zoo just as exciting as the last! Discover more about how play is one of the most important behaviours for animals in the early stages of life, here >

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