Take a trip to Madagascar and wander through our lemur walkthrough habitat!

We’re bringing the incredible island of Madagascar to you! Join us as we celebrate this amazing habitat, the wildlife found there and just what makes this part of the world so unique!

Learn more about the unique species only found in Madagascar, including our ring-tailed lemurs and the islands top predator, the fossa. Explore our talk times at the bottom of this page…

What's here?

Take a look at the animals which can be found in Madagascar…


Fossas are the LARGEST carnivores in Madagascar. Secretive and cat-like, these predators are well equipped for chasing down lemurs in the forest.

Ring-tailed lemur

There is no mistaking ring-tailed lemurs with their iconic stripy tails and bright orange eyes. They’ll keep you entertained with their balancing skills!

Red-ruffed lemur

Red ruffed lemurs are covered in a long woolly fur which keeps them warm in their wet and sometimes chilly rainforest habitat and are arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time in the trees. Keep an eye out as one may be just above your head!

Crowned lemur

Crowned lemurs get their name from the distinctive crown pattern on the top of their heads. Males have a brown and ginger coat with a black spot at the top of their heads whereas females are more grey in colour with a ginger back. They’re the newest kids on the block as they only arrived at the zoo in August.

Black lemur

Not all black lemurs are coloured black. The fur of a male lemur is either very dark brown or black, whereas females are a much lighter shade of brown making it easy to tell them apart. You will find these lemurs in a specially adapted habitat just outside of the walkthrough.

Red-bellied lemur

This species of lemur have distinct markings so they’re easy to spot! Males have white eye patches and females have white bellies.