Our structure and governance


NEZS has a Vice President who holds an honorary position, along with a Board of Trustees who help guide the management of Chester Zoo and Act for Wildlife.

Our Honorary Vice President – The Hon Lady Jane Heber-Percy

Our Board of Trustees

The Trustees, as a body of charity trustees and as directors for the purposes of company law, have general control and responsibility for the management and administration of NEZS. They determine the strategic direction and policies of the Society.  They appoint the principal executives, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Society, to whom they delegate responsibility together with their staff, to implement policy and to administer the zoo on a daily basis.


The number of Trustees shall be not less than three and not more than 16 of whom not more than 13 shall be Elected Trustees and not more than three shall be Co-opted Trustees. Elected Trustees, who must be members of the Society, are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting to serve for a maximum of six years. Co-opted Trustees are co-opted by the Trustees, to serve for up to 15 months from being appointed.


The Trustees hold at least six formal board meetings each year, together with an Annual General Meeting. The Chair  and Vice Chairs of Trustees are elected by the Trustees from their current membership, for a period not exceeding three years before re-election for a maximum of one further term not exceeding three years. One Vice Chair takes particular responsibility for Mission Enabling (business operations) and the other Vice Chair takes particular responsibility for Mission Delivery (conservation, science and education).


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Chester Zoo Youth Board.

Our Youth Board will work with our Board of Trustees and our executive team, including our Directors, to develop the zoo’s approach to working with young people.

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For all matters relating to Trustees please contact…

Emma Powell
Executive Assistant
01244 650201

The North of England Zoological Society is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England no. 287902.  Our registered charity no. is 306077 and our VAT no. is 595 7286 79.

A copy of our zoo license can be downloaded here.