7 Jun 2016

We’re pleased to say our first Wildlife Champions course was a great success! The course was made up of a series of workshops that saw thirty-six community group leaders, volunteers and school workers attend. These workshops provided fun ways of engaging people with local wildlife and how we can take action to help protect it, which the Champions can then take back to their group.

Hear more from the Wildlife Champions here.

The Wildlife Champions threw themselves into the different activities including recording wildlife, preparing the ground for wildflower seed sowing, making bird boxes, hedgehog homes and survey tunnels. They also explored the different threats facing our precious wildlife, local campaigns and projects that they could get involved with and how to provide food and shelter to help protect local wildlife.

Now the first course is complete, our Wildlife Champions are now working hard with their groups, surveying and recording what wildlife is already using their garden, green space or site. We’re looking forward to hearing their plans on how they could change their site to help create Wildlife Connections!

Chester Zoo staff will be supporting the Champions over the summer months to help make wildlife friendly changes on their site with the rest of their group; they will then be able to record any changes in the wildlife that visit as a result of these alterations.

Watch this space for more updates from our Wildlife Champions. Are you part of a community group and interested in becoming a Wildlife Champion? Get in touch here, to find out more.

You don’t have to be part of a community group to take part in Wildlife Connections – just sign up to our campaign here and start making changes to your garden or local green space. We can all help local wildlife by making small changes to our gardens or spaces that are perfect for UK wildlife.