2 Jan 2020

We take a look back at all the beautiful babies born in 2019 here at the zoo. What a year it’s been!

Socorro Doves

Two rare Socorro doves, a species that was declared extinct in the wild in the 1970s, hatched at the zoo!

Rothchild’s Giraffe 

We celebrated our first Rothschild’s giraffe calf born at the zoo, called Mburo!

Spider Monkey

Spider monkey mum Faye, gave birth to a healthy baby. Spider monkey’s are critically endangered, so this was a big moment for us.

Dusky pademelon

Welcome to the zoo family – a baby dusky pademelon, born to mum Styx. The zoo’s first dusky pademleon birth!

Ring-tailed Lemurs

We also celebrated the birth of five endangered ring-tailed lemur babies – including two sets of twins – and the zoo’s first ever baby black lemur, a species which is vulnerable to extinction in the wild in Madagascar!


A beautiful Tapir calf was born to proud parents Margery (7) and Betong (6). Around half of the world’s malayan tapirs have been lost in the last 40 years, with fewer than 2,500 estimated to remain in across Malaysia, Sumatra, Thailand and Myanmar.

West African Chimpanzee

The birth of a critically endangered west african chimpanzee caught visitors by surprise at Chester Zoo back in July!

Large heath caterpillars

More than 150 rare caterpillars were born at the zoo, and released back into the wilderness of Manchester and Cheshire, working in partnership with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. 

Eastern Bongo

We celebrated the birth of an eastern bongo – the rarest large mammal in Africa!

Red Panda

A pair of endangered red panda cubs were born ( a boy and a girl), marking a big milestone for the zoo. The rare twins were officially named Huo Hu, meaning ‘Firefox’, and Tiang Tang, meaning ‘Heaven’.

Sumatran Orangutan

We jumped for joy when a new baby sumatran orangutan was safely born to mum, Subis. As one of the most critically endangered great apes in the world, this was a huge moment for conservationists at the zoo.

Asian short claw otters

Five beautiful asian short clawed otter pups were born in December. The three girls and two boys were all given a clean bill of health, and we cannot wait to watch them grow and develop into young adults!

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