Welcome to India!

Diverse climates and a variety of ecosystems have led to a HUGE range of remarkable species calling India their home.

Delve deep into the dense trees of India’s Gir National Park, and you may just be lucky enough to come across the elusive Asiatic lion. This animal sanctuary the size of a small city is the last remaining bastion of these amazing creatures, who not long ago were spread across Asia and the Middle East. Likewise, India is one of the few places the fragmented population of the once thriving Asian elephant can be found in the wild. With countless challenges including habitat loss, illegal hunting and disease, the wonderful wildlife of India needs supporting now more than ever.

From our ROARSOME Asiatic lions, to our majestic Asian elephants, a visit to Chester Zoo lets you explore the wild sights and sounds of India!

Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) is a deadly virus which affects young elephants globally, both in the wild and in zoos. We launched our Never Forget campaign to find an answer to this critical issue. Your support is helping us to move towards developing, testing and validating an effective vaccine. You are helping us fight for the future of Asian elephants – thank you!


Between 2009-2017 human-elephant conflicts resulted in the deaths of 3,627 people and more than 600 elephants. We’re working with the Wildlife Trust of India to make long-term coexistence between local people and elephants a reality in Assam. Our work has included setting up elephant-proof fencing, training community volunteers, and reducing deforestation.


Asiatic lions are truly breathtaking creatures – once you’ve heard them ROOOAAAAAR, there’s nothing you’ll love more!

Get closer than ever before to the pride with our Lion Experience! Deliver lunch to some of the world’s rarest lions using a zip line and watch Iblis, Kumari and Kiburi take down their prey – all from the best seat in the house.


Lions were one of the first carnivores brought to the zoo by our founder George Mottershead in 1937. Read all about the fascinating history of lions at Chester Zoo here – from a trio of mischievous lion cubs who escaped their habitat in the 1940s, to our modern day lion habitat which is the biggest in the UK!


There’s no better way of directly supporting our animals and the conservation work we do in India than adopting an Asiatic lion. You’ll get an exclusive adoption pack, and your name will be displayed on a THANK YOU plaque by their habitat!