At the zoo

Length of workshop 90 mins

In this 90 minute session we’ll share why a good knowledge of our animals’ behaviour is vital to maintaining the best animal wellbeing. As a group, we’ll discuss how the guidelines are applied at the zoo and share some examples of our own behavioural studies.

In order to help students plan their own behavioural studies, we’ll compare and contrast sampling methods. Learn how our staff shares their observations to the scientific community and various zoo audiences, before visiting an animal habitat* to carry out these behaviour observations. Wet weather clothing may be essential.

*possible locations include giraffes, penguins or lions.

Age group: 16+
Duration: 90 minutes
Capacity: 25 students
Cost: £90



C&G Level 3 Unit 305 – Animal behaviour and communication.

C&G Level 2 Unit 206 – Introduction to the principles and practices of animal behaviour.

BTEC Level 3 Unit 5 – Animal behaviour.

BTEC Level 2 Unit 5 – Animal behaviour (assessment).


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