Our conservation activities, both in the Zoo and in the field, are focused on six regions across the globe, which represent some of the planet’s most biodiverse and highly threatened ecosystems.

Within each region we select projects and species where our combination of scientific expertise and established networks enable us to make a unique contribution to achieving conservation impact that will ultimately lead to preventing extinction.

We work closely with key in-country partners and use the full range of our expertise across the Zoo to help build their capacity and achieve conservation impact on the ground.


Highlighting threats faced by wildlife right here in the UK, our projects have helped prevent the extinction of numerous species. Wider initiatives across Europe have addressed key concerns.


Renowned for its incredible biodiversity and easily recognisable species, Africa is a continent facing a multitude of threats. Through tracking and detailed investigation, we seek to tackle the causes.


The isolation of Madagascar & The Mascarenes has created a biological hotspot. We’re helping to combat the extinction threat faced by non-charismatic species.


As the human population of Mainland Asia continues its rapid growth, its rainforests are becoming increasingly fragmented. Our work on human-wildlife conflict looks to offer a sustainable future for humans and animals.


Hundreds of islands make up Southeast Asia, offering wildlife a wide variety of habitats, many of which are under threat. We aim to address the underlying causes of such destruction.


Famous for the rich biodiversity of its rainforests, Latin America is home to 1/3 of all mammal and reptile species on earth. Our field conservation projects support the valuable work of NGOs.


Our team of incredible scientists and ecologists are hard at work on conservation projects right across the globe. Through collaboration with other experts, we are able to develop programmes that address the root causes of habitat destruction, pollution, human wildlife conflict, overhunting and invasive species.

The work of our science and conservation supports the Chester Zoo education team in their task of increasing awareness of endangered animals and the threats they face.